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MF Vision has built an reputation while serving Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and other organizations, including Honeywell, Walmart, American Express, Johnson Control, Brick and Demag.

We are a one-stop creative resource with special expertise in solving problems and getting results.

Western Standards, Chinese Price:
We work for multi-national companies in China who require Western standards in video production but without the Western price tag.
All of the videos can be filmed in High Density (HD) format.

MF Vision Corperate Video:

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Behind the Scenes 幕后花絮


We are proud to work with a diverse roster of the most visible and prestigious companies in the world. And we've developed long-term relationships by delivering the highest quality work... on time and on budget.

Brands we served (International):
Brands we served (Local):
TV Station or Movie Studio we served:
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MF Vision is a full-service video production company providing solutions to the corporate, advertising and direct response industries nationwide.

Highly committed to creativity and customer service we have a proven track record of producing unique, effective corporate sales, training and direct response media for over 6 years.

Our focus is to help you launch and leverage your product, increase brand awareness, reach your marketing objectives and, most importantly, deliver a powerful message designed to produce a strong Return on Investment (ROI).

Highly regarded for creativity and customer service we have been producing unique, effective corporate sales, training and direct response media for 6 years. Our focus is to help you deliver a powerful message and realize a strong Return on Investment.

We have the capacity to handle your project from concept to completion.



Easy to work with:
Delivering affordable online and offline Video Production for every size of business.
China has many talented cameramen. But it is not always that easy to get what you want in the way that the client is used to in other parts of the world.
We can sometimes fit in work at only a few days notice. Our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide high quality videos that fits in with your plans.


Strategic Insight:
Our goal is to understand your business. We begin every project with a comprehensive discussion about your goals, your budget and your deadline. We then collaborate with you to develop a unique story, strategy, and branded messages that fit your unique vision.


Bilingual services:
Many clients have requested video production services in languages other than Chinese around China, which we have successfully accomplished.


No hidden costs:
All our prices are clear and up front.
We can always provide written quotations and agree costs in advance. please give us a call if you would like to discuss a project or get a firmer estimate for your video shooting requirements.

Free technical advice and assistance:
All of our script writing and video shooting consultancy knowledge comes as standard when using MF Video.

We have top-notch cameramen, producers, post-editers and support staff who can tackle any challenge and provide you with amazing results!

Our Work:
Hotel, Real Estate Videos
Sales Videos
sales videos
Corporate Videos
corporate videos
Training Videos
training videos
Event and Interview
event production
Aerial Photography
Aerial video areial photography
Time Lapse
Aerial video areial photography
China Crewing
Shanghai China Crewing
TV Commercials
TV commercial video


TV Stations or Production Companys we worked for:
富士电视台 Fuji (Japan)
温州电视台 Wenzhou TV Station
瑞安电视台 Ruian TV Station
上海东方卫视 Dragon TV (Shanghai)
五星传奇 Wuxin Media (Beijing)
功夫 Documentry <Kongfu>


Client survey results:

How have we compared to other video production companies?

36% - Much Better
51% - Better
13% - Same

What was the quality of the final product compared to your original expectations?

47% - Much Better
29% - Better
24% - About the Same
Rate the performance of the following:

Camera Crew:
67% - Excellent
23% - Good
10% - Fair

79% - Excellent
8% - Good
13% - Fair

66% - Excellent
16% - Good
18% - Fair

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