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Time Lapse Photography

We shoot time lapse movies for eye catching documentaries.

Time-lapse is the quickest way to show what your company does. Whether it's manufacturing cars, building kitchens, planting crops, or making cakes, time-lapse can tell your corporate story in an effective and emotionally-engaging way.

With focus on details and emotional moments, our handmade time lapse movies are unrivalled.


Behind the Scenes 幕后花絮

our services:

  • 22 megapixel DSLR time lapse systems
  • daily / weekly / monthly time lapse
  • professional data management and color manipulation
  • handmade Full HD (even 4K) time lapse production
  • full service guarantee, all around China

What is Time Lapse?

Timelapse is a photography technique used to make motion movie footage using a stills camera.
Movie cameras shoot 24 frames per second. If you take a sills camera and shoot at 1 frame per second, then put all the photos in a row and play them back at 24 frames per second, you'll have a time lapse shot that has effective sped up time to 24 times normal speed.

What makes Time Lapse so special?

Speeding up time brings a surreal quality to movie footage. You can see things that are not obvious at real time speeds - for example the stars or shadows moving. Another reason is image quality. A stills frame from DSLR camera is usually higher quality and resolution than the most expensive digital cinema cameras.

The world is filled with sluggish spectacles. Watching them would be painful were it not for time-lapse photography, which can make those long stories short and remarkably entertaining. 
When a phenomenon happens very slowly, viewing accelerated footage helps scientists take a step back and see the big picture: At higher speeds, things that we regard as fixed take motion — even the dullest scenes spring to life.

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Jiangxi Aerial video

Client: Jiangxi Henmao

MF Promotional Video V4

Client: MF Vision

Shanghai Blank and White

English 00'13"
Client: MF Vision

Vectis Eagle Documentry Video

English 05'13"
Client: Carisbrooke shipping

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