MF is a video production company based in Shanghai of China, covering Beijing, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province.

Specializing in producing corporate videos and event videos, MF Video Production Company provides one-stop solution service to clients, we had served clients such as Metro Shanghai, American Express, Relax XinQiao, ELLE, Wal-mart and many others in various industries.

Many of our multi-national clients have requested video production services in languages other than Chinese, which we have successfully accomplished. By working with the best production and editing talent available, MF brings a complete set of top professional skills to excel in the fine art of communication.


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We have produced a new training video for Metro Shanghai this year.

Relax XinQiao has been filming promotion videos to be distributed through out 1,500 stores across China.

MF VISION successfully finished shooting for CRH train seat for Shanghai Government

MF VISION shot 500 day poster pictures for World Expo 2010

MF VISION successfully finished shooting for 200 posters and ticket posters for World Expo 2010.

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MF Advertisng Agency is the approved photography supplier for the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.


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